Project Life Update :: February

Friday, June 21, 2013

Hello bloggers! My project life is caught up through April in physical form... But when it comes to sharing it on the blog, we're still in January! What?! It's about time I started letting you into my weeks! So here I am with some of my February spreads. 

I don't include week numbers in my version of Project Life. As you'll see in this post, there are full pages sometimes dedicated to a single event and others that seem to have no cohesive thought. It may seem a bit chaotic for most, but it's how I think. *insert laugh and a bit of judgement here* My personality sure is shining through! Life documentation is all about YOU, and I've been working hard to stay true to that rather than compare myself to others or conform to a certain style. Creativity just shouldn't be forced, right?! I hope you can follow along, enjoy the journey with me, and find a bit of inspiration. 

I'm also working on documenting the good and the bad, the struggles and victories. We are made up of all those things... And if someone will look back at these albums to discover who I was, they'll need the whole picture. I learn the most from a difficulty. And it's important to showcase the experiences that shaped us. In the spreads for February, there were three personal struggles that I highlighted. Wowza! Two have hidden journaling with pockets and the other is featured in the above photo. I have ridiculous vitamin deficiencies that after a year of treatment is still not controlled. I take pills and give myself shots. It's a daily, annoying struggle that I try to internalize. I don't mention it too often or try to complain. I can't put my life on hold for a year or two or fourteen... But it's a real problem that I'm faced with daily that can affect my sleep, work, thought process, and overall mood. So why not document it?! 

I've used the 'I Was Here' stamp set by A Muse Studio in several places. It's a great collection of symbols and sayings as if made just for Project Life. If you haven't gotten your hands on a good set with arrows, cameras, and symbols, I suggest picking up this one! You can find it here.

These Heidi Swapp Neon Letters have quickly become my new favorite thing. I've used them several times in the last few spreads.  

Thanks for stopping by the blog today... and hearing a bit of my heart as I ramble on. I hope you have found a way to document your own story! 

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