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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hello! My name is Nicole Laha, and it's ok if you pronounce that last name wrong (It's lay-hay). I still remember my mother dipping my young, small hand into a colorful container of paint and teaching me to create. From that moment, my love for all things crafty has only grown. Creating beauty from paper and ink is a passion, paired with an overwhelming desire to record and document the details of life. 

I'm a total arts and crafts floozy, and this blog is a record of that. I hope you'll gain some inspiration as well as share in my experiments, goals, hopes, thoughts, and maybe even the occasional failure. You'll find lots of posts about coffee mixed with a side of card making every Monday...

and Project Life every Wednesday...

and scrapbooking when inspiration hits.

You'll also find doodles, illustrations, and art journaling thrown in. And maybe the occasional sewing and photography project. I've picked up quite a few crafty hobbies since that first finger paint experience as a child, along with a pretty hardcore coffee addiction.

In the midst off all of these creative endeavors, you'll find personal posts and ramblings about where I live, the things I do, and the people I can't live without. You can find posts about my daily life by clicking here. Just a few things about this 20-something girl...

I live in Green Bay and am a true Wisconsinite - I eat cheesecurds, think 20 degree weather is warm, and bleed green and gold. 

I start every morning with coffee and stand up comedy. I'm constantly searching for new inspiration, my macbook is like a son to me, and picture taking is my jam. 

Sometimes I have bangs, and sometimes I don't. 

This December I'm saying I do to my best friend, Zack, and DIY Wedding planning has me ridiculously excited.

God has truly blessed me far beyond what I deserve, and I pray that during this life I use up every ounce of talent he has given me. Also, can there be a never-ending sea of coffee?

Geesh. Now that's enough about me. I'm so glad you've stopped by special area of the world. Stay awhile, look around... Let's be friends.

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