Embrace Creativity

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tombow Markers
Last week I came across an article titled, Crush The I'm Not Creative Barrier, and I paused. 

Working for a paper arts company I hear the statement, "I'm not creative" far too often from family, friends, and clients. It makes me cringe. The single sentence rips through my brain and heart, taking every bit of self control to not let the desire to smack the person who said it win. So let me take a moment to say something about it. A public service announcement, if you will. 

You may not be expressively creative. You may not consider yourself an artist. However, you have the ability to problem solve, to invent, and to create. Business and engineering, not just design fields, require innovation and CREATIVITY. The article I mentioned above suggests five statements that are significant ideas to practice. So give yourself some credit, and THINKObserve and experiment. And then encourage others, especially children, to create right alongside you.

Maybe you're just like the numerous clients that walk into our store and feel defeated by the act of creating an artistic piece. Again, stop it. The very definition of create is to make or bring into existence something new. So don't' hold back. Let go of all that insecurity, pressure, and judgement. Just create. Put that pen to paper. Glue that picture in place. The ladies of A Beautiful Mess wrote an insightful article on just this. I encourage you to read that article too, and get to work making something. Anything.

You have the ability to be creative. Allow yourself to be creative. You are creative.


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