sketch no. 4 - broken phones are rad

Thursday, October 27, 2011

at least this one must be... because it's been on this desk for the last two years.

my weekend in pictures

Monday, October 24, 2011

planning the next few months of events and classes at creations galore... looks like i'll be busy.

mini album class saturday morning

crisp fall weather + bonfire + hot dog cooked on a stick carved with a friend's pocket knife
 = my lazy saturday night

me: 24th place
 the brother: 12th place
my ego: crushed

i hope you all had an enjoyable weekend. here's to a new week... 

i love me some ruffles

Thursday, October 20, 2011

i was in the mood for a new makeup bag and got a little carried away... 

officially enforcing self discipline - i must put the gold ribbon down and complete this project before i end up with 50 ruffled-up rectangles!

love you to the core

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

today i shared a quick and easy technique over at creations galore on how to create a stamped multicolored image with markers instead of ink pads. head on over for the full tutorial and to see the cute card created. 

continuing with the apple theme, i'll share with you this morning's quick sketch. yes, folks, that's 4 oz of the greatest cinnamon applesauce the world has to offer and the most messed up drawing of a package of crackers. please laugh it up with me... it's a polka-dotted mess! 

it's a cold and rainy day here in wisconsin. i think i'll be putting down the drawing pen and snuggling up on the couch. however you chose to spend your wednesday, i hope it's a good one :)

happy sweetest day

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Wishing you a Happy Sweetest Day... may it be spent with those you cherish most. 

card details
paper: bazzill, paper cut
stamps: unity stamp co, market street stamps
ink: memento, versamark watermark, zig writer

cotton candy love - sketch 02

Friday, October 14, 2011

My go-to buddies, Anna & Rachael, and I have been waiting in anticipation to see the movie 50/50. I'm crazy in love with Seth Rogan and his annoying laugh. Anna & Rachael can't get enough of Joseph Gordon-Levitt - also known to us as Sexy Vest Guy (please see his wardrobe from Inception). Not to mention, the movie seems to be the perfect blend of comedy and drama.

Last night was to be the night we FINALLY were able to all get together to view the movie. My roomie, Rachael insisted we go out to dinner beforehand and that I pick the place. I first sent her a picture of Ryan Gosling's rock hard abs with the caption 'I'd like to eat here.' But given the fact that wasn't a realistic option, I chose an upscale deli that she had yet to try.

We ate in a private tent with it's own chandelier that created quite the red creepy effect when taking pictures. Everything was delicious and the company exceptional. However, at the time we needed to leave for the theatre, we were only finished with the bread and oil course and halfway through our salads. I may have had a minor temper tantrum right there in the tent, throwing my arms up, pouting and yelling, 'I want to see Seth Rogan. I hate you.'

The waiter felt quite bad and brought me, the pouty three year old, a wonderful martini glass full of cotton candy to make up for it. I was completely mesmerized and therefore it became today's inspiration for my morning sketch...


In the end - one fruity drink, an exceptional entree, a mile of the world's greatest cotton candy, millions of laughs, and two hours later - this conversation ensued:

Girls: We're sorry you didn't get to see Seth Rogan tonight.
Nicole: Who's Seth Rogan?

Proof that food and good friends cure everything.




wearing my foxes wearing scarves shirt
classy foxes wear scarves 

a little sketch

Thursday, October 13, 2011

In one of my high school art classes, we would spend the first five minutes sketching. We were instructed to find a random object and sketch it as the instructor timed us. Five minutes. No more. No less. We were to practice perspective, identifying shapes in the object, shading and the like...

I fully understood these concepts. However, to most, it seemed they never really made their way correctly into my morning sketches. My fellow students laughed and mocked... why was I different from everyone else? Why couldn't my sketches turn out to realistically represent that object in front of me?

Half way into the semester, my instructor took me aside. I was prepared for this talk, knowing it would come. He'll shatter all my hopes of a career in an art-related field, he'll tell me I'm undisciplined and without talent, he'll tell me I'm failing... art?!

Instead, he looked me in the eye and said the words I'll never ever forget...

"Nicole, you may be different from every other person in this class. That doesn't make it wrong. It makes you unique. We call that style. And you've found yours. Embrace it for it has the potential to make you famous."

Famous... oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. As a little high school girl with big dreams, I held on to those words and never changed my style. However, I've never shared any of my drawings. Every once in a while my mother would stumble upon them and utter, "Nicole, you need to do something with your art." I've heard that phrase over and over. I've just never developed the courage to share it with anyone. Maybe I still have those simple fears of judgement that date back to Sophomore year and never actually embraced that style. So here's to a new chapter of sharing...

Today's sketch is brought to you by Shopko Pharmacy #2002. Ha! These drawings seem to reveal more about me than just my artistic style. I apologize that today is just a cell phone picture... I'll have to get a little fancier tomorrow :)

Happy blogging,

happy harvest!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Today I posted a tutorial over at Creations Galore as part of my day job as the Creative Genius... yep, that's my official title. Head on over for inspiration on creating beautiful fall decor for your home, office, or craft room!

new home.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Thanks for stopping by my new blog!

much love,

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