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Friday, October 14, 2011

My go-to buddies, Anna & Rachael, and I have been waiting in anticipation to see the movie 50/50. I'm crazy in love with Seth Rogan and his annoying laugh. Anna & Rachael can't get enough of Joseph Gordon-Levitt - also known to us as Sexy Vest Guy (please see his wardrobe from Inception). Not to mention, the movie seems to be the perfect blend of comedy and drama.

Last night was to be the night we FINALLY were able to all get together to view the movie. My roomie, Rachael insisted we go out to dinner beforehand and that I pick the place. I first sent her a picture of Ryan Gosling's rock hard abs with the caption 'I'd like to eat here.' But given the fact that wasn't a realistic option, I chose an upscale deli that she had yet to try.

We ate in a private tent with it's own chandelier that created quite the red creepy effect when taking pictures. Everything was delicious and the company exceptional. However, at the time we needed to leave for the theatre, we were only finished with the bread and oil course and halfway through our salads. I may have had a minor temper tantrum right there in the tent, throwing my arms up, pouting and yelling, 'I want to see Seth Rogan. I hate you.'

The waiter felt quite bad and brought me, the pouty three year old, a wonderful martini glass full of cotton candy to make up for it. I was completely mesmerized and therefore it became today's inspiration for my morning sketch...


In the end - one fruity drink, an exceptional entree, a mile of the world's greatest cotton candy, millions of laughs, and two hours later - this conversation ensued:

Girls: We're sorry you didn't get to see Seth Rogan tonight.
Nicole: Who's Seth Rogan?

Proof that food and good friends cure everything.




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