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Thursday, October 13, 2011

In one of my high school art classes, we would spend the first five minutes sketching. We were instructed to find a random object and sketch it as the instructor timed us. Five minutes. No more. No less. We were to practice perspective, identifying shapes in the object, shading and the like...

I fully understood these concepts. However, to most, it seemed they never really made their way correctly into my morning sketches. My fellow students laughed and mocked... why was I different from everyone else? Why couldn't my sketches turn out to realistically represent that object in front of me?

Half way into the semester, my instructor took me aside. I was prepared for this talk, knowing it would come. He'll shatter all my hopes of a career in an art-related field, he'll tell me I'm undisciplined and without talent, he'll tell me I'm failing... art?!

Instead, he looked me in the eye and said the words I'll never ever forget...

"Nicole, you may be different from every other person in this class. That doesn't make it wrong. It makes you unique. We call that style. And you've found yours. Embrace it for it has the potential to make you famous."

Famous... oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. As a little high school girl with big dreams, I held on to those words and never changed my style. However, I've never shared any of my drawings. Every once in a while my mother would stumble upon them and utter, "Nicole, you need to do something with your art." I've heard that phrase over and over. I've just never developed the courage to share it with anyone. Maybe I still have those simple fears of judgement that date back to Sophomore year and never actually embraced that style. So here's to a new chapter of sharing...

Today's sketch is brought to you by Shopko Pharmacy #2002. Ha! These drawings seem to reveal more about me than just my artistic style. I apologize that today is just a cell phone picture... I'll have to get a little fancier tomorrow :)

Happy blogging,

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  1. YAY for being unique!! Love your sketchy sketch. Can't wait to see more!!!! xo Angelica


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