i'm in recovery mode.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

this past week has been quite a busy one. lots of classes and new month planning at work, along with preparing for my brother's wedding kept my planner full. take a look at this past weekend:

that blank sunday was sure needed. in fact, i woke up on my couch, still in my dress and shoes, holding my cell phone and a piece of cake, at 5 am sunday... i guess i danced it up a little too much. who falls asleep like that?! we met up with the bride and groom for some lunch and a nice, quick gift opening, and then it was rest and relaxation for the rest of the day. i'm a little sad it's all over... back to 'normal' life for me. only now with a sister! happiness all around. 

here's a little snippet of fun from the weekend: 

saturday morning project - painting reception decor

our good friend, rebekah, the fabulous cake decorator

maid of honor, samantha giving me some funny face

my pretty new sister

ha! my bro makes this face all. the. time.

my gorgeous momma and i enjoying the crisp fall air

the pops. he cleans up nice.

best man, brenden, and his crazy cute girlfriend, sarah

the crazy ushers, josh and brandon, adding a little comic relief 

can't wait to see the photos the fancy photographer took. i'm sure they'll outshine my simple cell pics. 

until the next wedding, 

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