My weekend in pictures...

Monday, November 21, 2011

A wrap up of the weekend's events through my cell phone... 

Picked up my deer hunting license... my family always plays a little game of poker
with our back tags. As you can see, I've got myself a full house. 3-10's and 2-6's. Wooooo hooo. I thought I had won, until I saw my "little" bro beat me with 3-10's and 2-Aces. Major disappointment, folks.

Friday night I set up a fun Make N Take for a Shop & Crop
event at Creations Galore...  It was one fun girls night out!

I'm not sure what your family does after dinner at the cabin, but mine made
some killer ramps for our remote controlled ATV out of household items...
(p.s. that' my pops. aka silverback, papa-daddy & hero)

That's some air.. 

And that's some love... or annoyance. It's all about perspective.
(cuz johnny boy vs. the infamous uncle terry)

I made my very first pumpkin pie from scratch

And everyone (especially cuz megs) seemed to enjoy it... although they
did smother it in whipped cream. hmmm. Now I wonder.

Walking through the woods after a few hours of sleeping, I mean hunting...  Gorgeous snow.

I returned from the cabin Sunday night just in time to get together with some friends for
yummy eats, dominos, and some intense card playing. If you've never found yourself in the
middle of a violent, high-pressured game of Nerts, you really haven't lived. 

Rebekah, Amber & Micah

How was your weekend? I hope you take a moment to reminisce and enjoy those little things that make life special. 

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