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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

My roommate, Rachael, and I are in the middle of a crazy project: Apartment Remodel. Only sane people re-decorate, re-organize, re-model one room at a time. We decided to re-do our kitchen, living room, bedroom, closets, bathroom, dining room, and office/craft room/art studio all at once! It seemed like a reallllllllly smart idea to buy all the furniture at once, put it all together at once, and invite over strong men to move it around all at once. That 'all at once' is kicking our rears. Our house is a ca-raaaa-zy disaster. However, there are little glimmers of hope. Such as the beauty below found in the new craft room:

That's Alice, my pretty dress form, who has been standing proudly in a corner of the dining room the last two years. I'm ashamed to admit it! I believe she'll be quite happy in her new home... a place where she actually belongs! 

I picked up some acid free cardboard backing from our local comic book store to create my own bolts of fabric. They had packs of 100 for only $9 and were beyond excited to hear my plans for the cardboard. I've gone through a pack and a half and still have 2 bins and 3 bags full of fabric. Can we say hoarder?! 

Rachael helped me put together a few white bookcases which now line one of the walls in the room. So many projects and ideas come to mind as I arrange all the fabric by color on the shelves. I'm not sure what I'll do first. 

More pictures of my crafting haven and the rest of our cozy abode will be shared with you as it all comes together. I apologize for the lack of creative energy displayed on the blog lately, but rest assured: As soon as this remodel is complete, you won't be able to stop me from crafting! 

Side note: I'm a little addicted to instagram. You can see more photos by clicking here.

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