My Weekend In Pictures

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hello there! I spent last night reviewing the pictures from the last few days and are there ever enough of them. Here's a few for you to enjoy...

The weekend started with some incredibly yummy food. The family went to a grill-your-own-steak joint to celebrate my brother's 20th birthday. 

How adorable is that cake? He later went on to use the fondant topper as a bow tie. What a guy...

As much as I would have LOVED to curl up on the couch Saturday morning, work needed to be done. A little peak at my current project: Creating sample wedding scrapbooks for an upcoming wedding show for Creations Galore.

Saturday night, downtown treated us real well. Dinner and chai lattes at my favorite cafe, visited a few fun shops, browsed some old vinyl records, got my face rocked off by this band, and had some late night pie. Let's do it again next weekend, ok?!

My brother and his wife have birthdays one week apart; therefore, we spent Sunday celebrating them both. How'd we do it? Pizza, a large group of friends, and arcade games. Only the best way. 

My brother and his wifey, Elle

My bestie, Lys, & Moi

Recapping my weekends show me how much God has truly blessed me. I pray for His rich blessings upon you too :)

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