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Friday, May 30, 2014

1. I can't stop looking at this piece by Russ Mills. 

2. After many trips to Minneapolis, I finally saw up close that adorable spoon-bridge and cherry. And then I ran away from about 700,000 prom kids. If you look close, you'll see them in the back, getting ready to attack. 

3. I love when my hair is not a frizzy mess of nonsense. During the one and only day that it didn't, I took a picture. Daaaang. I love those girlys. But I love my hair more. 

4. Working on this. Sometimes it's hard to do. Too bad, right?! Ok... Let's do this.

5. Aziz Ansari is my spirit animal. He's selling out theaters all over the nation for his Modern Romance tour, and you should scoop up a ticket before it's over. He's killing. it. So happy I was able to catch a show a last weekend. Here's a bit from his last special. Watch and enjoy...

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