A little taste of Wisconsin

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It's been a while since I've shared an illustration in a post. So I sifted through my sketchbook and found one that was dear to my heart. But first, a little story... 

How I Met Your Mother is a favorite TV show of PJM and I. In the series, a wonderful tradition was started with arguably the cutest TV couple in history. The tradition? 

Marshall picks up Lily wearing a chauffeur hat and a handmade sign,

Lily brings Marshall a six pack of beer from wherever she traveled,

and they live happily ever after.

On my way to visit PJM in New York, I thought up a cutsie little plan. TSA doesn't allow more than 3oz. of liquid on the plane, and alcohol is completely out of the question. I had to improvise. While in the Milwaukee airport I sketched out the six pack instead. A nice picture of Wisconsin's best:

We're still creating that happily ever after.

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