A Look At A Bridge

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A few days ago I met with a dear friend to share photos I had taken while visiting PJM in New York. I just can't get over all the opportunities that the city offers for sketching and photography through its abundance of people, buildings, and scenery. One of my favorite sites was taking in the Brooklyn Bridge... the height, the view, the sounds... I'm positive that not a single picture I took on that Sunday afternoon gives any justice to the brilliance that is this bridge. Who knew one could fall in love with a bridge?! Here's a minor look at our walk from home in Brooklyn into Manhattan. 

I sure stuck out like a crazy tourist this day, snapping away at a bridge people use daily. Luckily, PJM was happy and willing to show me around and wait as I took it all in. 

Hope you've enjoyed this mini tour today.  

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