My Weekend In Pictures

Monday, December 3, 2012

Happy Monday. It's time to round up the pictures on my phone and share them with you fine folks. Here's what I've been up to....

I put up my Christmas tree, spent 2 days moving around ornaments until I got it just right, and hung a kissing ball. Who wants to come over and be the first to try it out?

P.S. There's a box full of lights and other decor that still needs to be hung, as well as a wreath thats just leaning against my door. hahahaha oh my... Note to self: Purchase door hanger. 

I spent some night-time hours at work preparing for the week ahead. It was just me, some good tunes (a combo of Elvis Presley Christmas and Mumford & Sons Babel), and that gorgeous Vagabond. Yay Tim Holtz... thank you for making my life pretty and so much easier.

I had some fun wondering around downtown (just a few blocks from my humble abode) with my dear friend, Anna, and roommate, Rachael (wait... how'd they get out of the photographs?!) checking out the shop windows decorated for the holidays. Check out this awesome and extremely blurry photo of me attempting to fly:

We eventually settled into Chefusion, a wonderful bar and lounge where we indulged in cheese platters, creme brulee, and live jazz music:

Somehow we also packed in a improv comedy show that night as well. I was laughing far too hard to even think about taking a pictures... Good work players

Finished up the weekend with a metro ride, church, and a nap during the Packers half time show.

I'd say that's one full, delightful life. How was your weekend?

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  1. Love the post! My weekend was crazy but I really enjoyed! I'm getting my tree tonight! Thanks for sharing pictures its always nice to see! :)


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