Apartment Update: Hellos & Goodbyes

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hello friends. Boy have I been neglecting this blog! How do I express my remorse? Between sinus troubles knocking me out and our apartment remodel, things have been busy... and I sadly have been devoting any extra energy I have to my day job. Can we get a large "boooooo" ?!

If you haven't heard about my apartment remodel, take a look here.

My roommate, Rachael, and I made it to IKEA and bought a whole truck full of items. It's was quite the exciting day. We've been busy unpacking, assembling, and moving it all. That's right: we've used drills, and levels, and stud finders. Move over lads! We've got it all under control. I can't wait to have it all fully decorated and cleaned up so I can 1. enjoy it and 2. share it with you! 

Our old living room seemed so tiny, full of oversized couches and chunky furniture. We replaced one couch with two footstools and a cute chair and completely rearranged what was left. Removing the large couch from the second story was not an easy task. 5 people, 1 broken railing, and 2 dents later, we had a beautiful and open space to work with! 

My dear friend Hannah took the lovely couch off our hands.

Thanks for following along in this journey... Crafty projects will be back tomorrow! 

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