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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hello friends! I can't believe it's been a full week since I've posted here. Life's been a little rough lately. I've wanted to avoid it... Life, people, work... Maybe I need a vacation, or a slap in the face, or a new multivitamin. I rounded up some photos from the last two weeks to show you what I've been up to while being melancholy. 

I caught up on Project Life, printed lots of photos, and organized my space... Only to make a mess of it again. Isn't that the crafty cycle?! There's a desk somewhere in that picture. Somewhere.

I cried a little when I stepped outside to see everything covered in snow and ice. In April. But that's Wisconsin. It would have been just fine had I not been hit on the head TWICE by ice chunks dropping off the tall street lights. 

I couldn't complain too much, because my dad took a few of my friends and I to see a late night showing of Jurassic Park in 3D. I may have had to hold onto my roommate a few times. The dinos are bigger, badder, and coming right for your face! Coolest dad around?! I think so.

We also welcomed my nephew, Hunter Scott, to the world. My brother and his wife named him after my dad (Scott, the cool 50 year old that goes to dinosaur movies and hunts a whole lot). He's the sweetest, most perfect thing... And we're already spoiling him. The world needs more babies.

I took my cousin, Megan, to this fun bar & grill downtown just blocks from my home. Do you see the excitement on her face?! I'd like to say it's because she was sitting across from me - a pretty face and a spunky personality - but she'd probably tell you it was because dessert had arrived. 

I rediscovered Freaks & Geeks... oh, Netflix, thank you for giving me hours of uninterrupted binge watching. I'm finally catching up on a bunch of design team work, and I'm so excited for the projects that will be posted on this blog in the next few weeks!

I headed to one of our favorite restaurants, Curly's Pub, for some major food-love. In a world surrounded with people getting hitched and popping out mini-me's, it's nice to have a few friends that are in the exact same stage of life as you. No expectations, no pressure... just pure happiness. 

Do you know what else makes me happy? The sale category at Two Peas in a Bucket and Unity Stamp Company. Daaang... Look at that loot. New scrappy things coming soon! 

It's always fun to look back at this cell phone full of random pictures. Even in the rough times, God has  blessed me abundantly. Thanks for joining in on today's recap... I hope you can look back and discover your own mini blessings. What have you been up to?


  1. What wonderful words, thanks so much for sharing and hope things are looking up:) Hugs!!

  2. I can totally relate! Hope you are feeling better!


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